Leonard wasn’t in terrible shape when I found him…he was just boring.


When I found Wendel he was in pretty bad shape. Peeling paint….loose legs and mustache…no feet. His hair was filthy.



In the summer of 2008 my daughter and I went to the Peach Festival at Dutch Neck Village in nearby Bridgeton NJ.

We were drawn to a table were a local church was selling a woman’s lifetime collection of nutcrackers.

I was spellbound…heart racing in the thrill of the hunt! My daughter had to calm me down.

 While I was paying for 5 of them and being captivated by all of the other stoic faces…I had the brilliant idea of purchasing them all.

At the mention of my intentions to buy them all and asking them to give me a price…the church folks began whispering…counting….adding…and looking really unsure of my suggestion to carry them all off.

The table was beginning to be surrounded with interested buyers and I knew the church would make much more money if they sold them individually.

I asked them to call me with a price and a head count at the end of their day and I would buy whatever was left if the price was right. It was!!!

the days leftovers.....158 nutcrackers!!


A few years back we spotted this throw away cabinet along the side of an office building in nearby Bridgeton. (more…)