DIMPLESWORTH Dimplesworth the Nutcracker started out as a broken down Santa. Chippy paint..dirty hair…one broken arm and missing shoes. He needed a fresh start.

First I ripped off all of the fuzzy dirty white trimmings and hair…..

                                                                                            LOOKING LIKE A FREAK

 Gave him a good sanding..and pried off his hat.

I decided to switch his hat with the top hat of a snow man nutcracker that I had been working on.

Started painting his jacket avocado..just to see if it would suit him…drilled out all the splintery wood from his arm and body..glued a tiny dowel in the holes and reattached his limb…glued on his new hat.

Spent the night with rubber band while arm and hat dried.

Washed his dirty hair and died it with acrylic’s. Attached his hair and beard Gave him a nice purple hat and avocado jacket…covered buttons and some vintage drapery trim.

He’s being to come together.

Stole his shoes from another nutcracker..they are a perfect fit.

Painted them purple to match his new top hat

                                                                      EMBELLISHED FROM HEAD TO TOE!!!!
 Blooming vintage bead and button flowers in his purple top hat..a seventies necklace looks dandy around the brim…a busy buzzing bug in his hair.
Vintage metal buttons as epaulettes…accenting the buttons on his jacket is a faux leather belt with a metal motif…girding his loins is a vintage repurposed earring and added a few blue balls on the draping beaded chain.

He holds a dangling  bundle of holiday balls and brass tear drops.

Deep Salmon pants and purple boots with repurposed hand dyed wool sweater cuffs.

Finished him off with a few metal holly leaves down his back.


The story of  the finding of Dimplesworth and my other Nutcrackers is in my post entitled 158 Crackers Found.

Dimplesworth measures 13 1/2 inches high not including the wired buttons and  is for sale  in my Etsy store at www.earthgatherings.etsy.com 

He retails for $70.00