Last spring  while traveling along the U.S. 11 Antique Highway we stopped at a field in Rising Fawn Georgia where vendors were set up offering antiques and stuff. It was there…that I first laid eyes on the delightful button flower.It was near the end of  day 4 in our adventure and we were exhausted from the long day of  scurrying about hunting for treasures through Alabama and Georgia.

Wandering about the field we noticed a tent. Spilling out around the tent were beautiful buttons… in boxes..bowls…tins and all sorts of containers….it really was truly overwhelming…seriously.


A perfect description of what I was experiencing in Rising Fawn. After some deep breaths and calming myself down…I gathered myself and stepped inside the tent.

THERE THEY WERE!…hundreds..upon HUNDREDS!…pretty buttons twisted a top floral wire….a sign read “Button Flowers”…….the owner’s name was Miss Em.

She was a friendly southern woman who was very interesting to talk to. All the single button flowers were separated by colors in vases….ready for the picking…they were so beautiful.

She also offered button flowers for sale in bouquets. They were in cute little vases or in salt and pepper shakers.

It was love at first site….I was HOOKED!

After a long chat and some purchases I thought I best not hold my weary companions up any longer and decided to say goodby.

She gave me her card and told me to stop by her store in Cleveland Tennessee next time I am down that way…..gosh her shop must be amazing!

The last three days of the trip Miss Em and her flowers where in my thoughts. I couldn’t stop thinking and talking about the projects I would undertake when I got home. I could  put them all over my shop…and oh…I could put them on ETSY!  The etsy folks would just love them! Something so darling would surely be a hit!A few days after our return I was listing ribbon on etsy and just out of curiosity I looked up button bouquets….WHAT IN THE WORLD?!!….where had I been?…aparently everyone but me  had  known about the button flower!  Several etsy shops were selling them.

Take a look!

All kinds…some so AMAZING!  gorgeous bouquets for brides and some full of  color and whimsy.

Totally inspired I began…I spent about 3 weeks making nothing but button flowers. They are very addicting.

My fingers and arm were aching from twisting the wires but  I ended  up with a bountiful supply of  beautiful posies..single flowers…and bouquets.

I introduced them at  the September Street  Festival here in Millville. They were a hit!…like customers had never seen them before.

Since then I’ve shown several  of  my customers how to make’s so easy!

Supplies you’ll need:

22 or 24 gauge floral wire.

wire cutters…jewelry pliers and of course BUTTONS.

coming up from under the button put the wire through the button-hole and then bend it and put it back down the opposite hole.

take the pliers and twist it around underneath the button….that’s it!

buttons with shanks… just put it through the shank and bend and twist.

you can also stack buttons in layers to make it even more interesting.

for this one I used an old bee hive as a filler at the mouth of the container. I sold it on etsy!


For more pretty button flowers you can visit my online shop at etsy

or stop by my store in Millville.