So many chairs are tossed in the trash along the roadside…I have difficulty passing them by.

The lovely legs…the amazing backs!…I just can’t allow them to rot in the dump…it seems to be such a waste.

Some of the chairs are in such bad condition that they are no longer suitable to sit on…so Ihave to get creative and find other uses for them.

That’s how I came up with the doll bed.

About 30 years ago I made two doll beds for my nieces…they loved them…for some reason I didn’t make more…not sure why.

  Recently I got the hankering to try my hand at it again.  First I brake the chair into pieces to see what can be used.

Sand, paint and build the frame of the bed…my husband does much of this for me.



After the frame is assembled the fun begins…I love making the bedding.

a board is placed under the mattress and sheet for support


Both the sheet and pillowcase are made out of muslin.

A delicate featherstitch with french knots along the pillowcases edge.

Lovely golden yellow and cream bed spread trimmed  with pretty vintage fuzzy pom-poms.


Baby Doll Chair Bed #3 is for sale in my store in Millville and at my etsy shop at