Leonard wasn’t in terrible shape when I found him…he was just boring.

I didn’t get photos of the upcycling process…as this was before I had the idea of recording it.

I had to remove his hair and beard for washing and touch up some of  his paint. I changed the color of his crown and the base that he stands on.

Vintage buttons…beadcaps…sequins…glass beads and fuzzy dark green trim adorn his crown.

His shoulders are topped with shiny gold metal buttons.
Repurposed  golden vintage drapery fabric becomes Lenny’s cape…on the back is a metal tassel.
Royal cape is edged with fuzzy green trim on top of vintage blue scrolled gimp.

Boot buckles are gold snowflakes to match the points on his crown which is  fitting apparel for this time of year.

His embellished  waist has green trim.. an orangey kingly patch..jewelry findings and a metal horn

He  has a wort on his nose.

Lenny is a wonderful gift for the collector. He is one of a kind!

Found Leonard in the  summer of 08 while on the hunt..I happened upon 158 NUTCRACKERS from a church sale in nearby Bridgeton…FUN!FUN!…many are in need of recovery so I have been upcycling them giving them a new chance to be admired.

Leonard the King is 15 3/4 inches tall

He is for sale in both my Etsy shophttp://www.etsy.com/listing/34808643/leonard-the-kingembellished-nutcracker  and my store in downtown Millville.

He retails for $38.00