In my quest for the reclaiming of old Nutcrakers….I have noticed that female’s are hard to come by.

Knights..kings..quards..soldiers…santas…..a dime a dozen.

Ladies…that’s another story all together…In my gatherings of nearly 200 crackers..I have only came across 3 or 4.

Finding men’s fashion to somewhat limiting…I decided to set aside my search for females and create them myself.
With a wealth of materials at my disposal it wasn’t to difficult to do.


With the help of my dear Kate (www.allnsundry.wordpress.com)…who each time she visits..is always willing to help with the task at hand…we got the face and body sanded and ready for painting.

Kate painted her face with lovely expression…giving her blue eyes and deep wine lips.



I LOVE chairs and stools…all shapes and sizes….it’s sort of an obsession.

For over 30 years we’ve had mixed matched chairs around our kitchen table. I”m fortunate in that I have quite a large table and can easily fit 8 chairs. 

I don’t like to be limited to  a particular color and style or maybe it’s just that I’m indecisive….not sure.

As a result  myself and  my family and friends have often brought home rescues on trash day from the roadside…PEOPLE THROW AWAY GOOD STUFF!!!

I’m simply amazed at the variety of designs there are out there…and take great pains in choosing which ones will have a place around the table.

Awaiting makeovers presently in a heap…legs and backs intertwined in a tangled mess in my greenhouse.

What is it about chairs?…I don’t know…maybe it’s the fact that I do most of my projects at my table. As a family we spend most of our time in the kitchen…eating…laughing…playing games.

 When friends and family visit it’s the place of choice. I love when a guest pulls out a seat and discovers  fun fabric that was unseen tucked under the table.

Often times I believe people select a particular chair…not always randomly…they may be saying to themselves…I am going to sit in that lovely blue chair…or no…maybe the mustard one.

Earth Gatherings in Millville


Because of my love for chairs in 2006 when I opened my little shop in Millville I decided to offer some for sale. We call them Hares chairs…which is our last name.  

Riverfest in Millville




First my husband checks to see if they are wibbley…if so…they have to be taken apart….reglued…sanded…and then primed and painted.




Vintage bark cloth is my favorite fabric and so I use it on most of my chairs


winter will soon be coming to an end so it’s time to clean up shop and rearrange things with spring in mind.  (more…)



While scurrying around to estate sales, flea markets and such I rarely say no to a basket of sewing treasures.

 There’s nothing like digging through an old sewing tin full of notions and supplies.

 I find all sorts of curious objects.

 As a result I have accumulated lots of knitting needles.

In my younger years I tried my hand at knitting, only to discover it was not my cup of tea.

This summer while cleaning out my garden shed I came across a bucket full of  them.

For years I used the needles for plant markers.

 After examining and admiring all the pretty colors I decided to see what kind of crafty thing could be done with them.

I googled “crafts to make out of old knitting needles”

To my delight I discovered the bangles.

How fun!

Surely I could do that!


wash the needles

bring a pot of water to a boil

drop in a couple of needles for 5 minutes or so

when they are soft and pliable pull them out with tongs and wrap them around something that is approx. 8 inches in diameter

hold them in place for a few seconds and then take them off and  let them cool for 20 minutes


I cleaned all my needles and dropped a few in boiling water.

After about 12 minutes they were ready to come out.

Using tongs I lifted them out one at a time and wrapped them around a glass tumbler.

Very difficult.

They harden in seconds when removed from the water.

Burning my fingers the entire time while trying to hold them in place was really frustrating.

Most of them had to be thrown back in the water and re-boiled several times until I got the right shape.

I also noticed that after a few hours some of them were un-curling.

Later with very sore fingers I decided to call it a day. (more…)